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Cancer and Iodine *Still under construction*

Skin Cancer

The research of Dr Tullio Simoncini (oncologist) in Rome shows that skin cancers epithileomas, basaliomas, and melanomas are caused by Candida fungus.

Epithileomas, basaliomas, and melanomas cancers have all been successfully treated an iodine solution of 7%
. This destroys the proteins in the fungus completely and works very quickly.

“We placed am 83-year-old woman on ortho-iodo supplementation for six months at 50 mgs of elemental iodine daily.  She experienced a tremendous increase in energy, endurance, well being, and memory.  At six months all her skin peeled off and was replaced by new, younger-looking skin.  She was flabbergasted and amazed at her new appearance. In our experience older women (especially over 65) noticed a major difference both physically and mentally,” wrote Dr. Guy Abraham, an endocrinologist who today is providing the backbone of the movement back toward the use of iodine as an essential safe and effective medicine.


Breast Cancer

As iodine consumption has gone down, breast cancer rates have gone up. But the
research goes far deeper, exploring the effects of iodine supplementation on breast disease and breast cancer. This important breakthrough has been in the research pipeline for years but only recently found momentum.  After sifting through 50 years of iodine research and corresponding with researchers around the world, the editors report that abnormal iodine metabolism, due either to bromide dominance in the environment or a dietary deficiency of iodine, must be addressed as part of a preventive and or a therapeutic strategy. 

Iodine Deficiency Growing Worse

  • Iodine consumption by Americans has dropped 50% since the 1970s as breast cancer rates have risen (1).  In the US Goiter Belt,  where iodine in the soil is lower, breast  cancer is higher (2).
  • By contrast, the incidence and severity of breast cancer are less in Japan than in Europe and the US, attributable to the diet (3).  Japanese women consume 25 times more dietary iodine than North American women and have lower breast cancer rates (4).
  • Meanwhile, since the 1970s, in the US and several other countries, iodine-blocking bromides have been added to flour,  some sodas, and medications, exacerbating the iodine deficiency.
  • Fluoridated drinking water also depletes iodine absorption. Thus, as women consume less iodine and excrete more due to toxic elements, our risk for breast cancer grows(5).

Iodine and Benign Breast Disease


  • Blocking iodine in rats' food supply led to progressive human-like fibrocystic disease (atypia, sclerosing, calcifications, dysplastic changes) as the rats aged (6). Supplementing patients with fibrocystic disease with iodine helped to resolve fibrosis and reduced breast size (7).
  • For women with painful breasts accompanying fibrocystic disease, iodine improved symptoms in more than 50% of the women who took 6.0 mg. of iodine for 6 months (8), and brown sea alga improved pain and nodularity in 94% of the women (9).  From the editors' observations of the Iodine Investigation Project participants, depending on the kind of iodine agent used, painful breast symptoms have resolved in from 24 hours to two months.
  • Since benign breast disease increases the risk of breast cancer (10), and iodine improves fibrocystic disease, we at Breast Cancer Choices propose studies to see if iodine supplementation decreases the risk of getting breast cancer and the risk of recurrence.

Prostate Cancer
Iodine lack is known to be a factor in the development of breast and prostate cancer. Sixty patients with a variety of cancers were studied. All sixty patients were found to have serious iodine deficiency.
...Another physician has seen a case of prostate cancer go into remission after taking Iodoral and supplements.  
Iodine appears to work for prostate cancer as prostate cancer is similar to breast cancer in many ways. Indeed, it likely will help with most cancers. Also higher doses of iodine are required for inflammatory breast cancer. As well we know that large doses of intravenous iodine are harmless which makes one wonder what effect this would have on cancer growth.”

According to Dr Guy Abraham Iodine is detected in every organ and tissue in the body. And so essential is it for life that a deficiency in it will bring a wide variety of afflictions (including cancer) that are difficult to trace back to the trace mineral,iodine. It used to be routinely added to bread as a supplement up until 20 years ago.


Endocrine Cancers And Iodine Stores

Iodine deficiency is a recognized risk factor in the development of cancer of the breast, prostate, and probably the ovary and endometrium. Breast cancer is twice as common (12.1 %) in women taking natural thyroid hormone or synthetic thyroid hormone as in women not taking thyroid hormones (6.2 %). The risk for breast cancer in women taking thyroid hormones increases with time. Women who had taken thyroid hormone for 15 years had a 19.5 % incidence of breast cancer while women who had been on thyroid hormone therapy for five years had only a 10 % incidence of breast cancer. This increase in breast cancer with time suggests that correction of a iodine deficiency might well eliminate the need for thyroid hormone and would also lower the incidence of breast cancer.

Japanese women, who are eating lots of seaweed, have the highest iodine intake (13.8 mg. daily) of women anywhere in the world. They also have the lowest incidence of breast cancer in the world. Japan has one of the lowest worldwide rates of every type of cancer with the exception of stomach cancer. In addition Japan has one of the lowest incidences of iodine deficiency, goiter (enlarged thyroid gland), and hypothyroidism. Iceland, another high iodine intake country, has low rates of goiter and breast cancer. Two countries with low iodine intakes (Thailand, Mexico) have high rates of breast cancer and goiter.


Patient Studies with Iodine Therapy

A patient of Dr. Rowen named Betty had severely painful breast cysts. She took 5 mg. of iodine daily with complete disappearance of painful breast cysts.

Veronica, another patient of Dr. Rowen, had advanced breast cancer with severe hip pain from a bone metastasis. Iodine loading test showed severe deficiency of iodine. After three months of Iodoral she still has not restored her iodine levels but her excretion of bromine has increased 10 fold. Her cancer therapy with IPT and artemisin has been stable with only an occasional IPT and she continues with 25 mg. of Iodoral three times daily. Dr. Abrahams relates that he has seen two remissions of breast cancer in persons taking 75 mg of Iodorol daily. Iodine deficiency plays a role in allowing breast cancer and prostate cancer to develop.

Another physician has seen a case of prostate cancer go into remission after taking Iodoral and supplements.

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