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Weightloss and Iodine Supplementation

          Ever since high school I've struggled to lose weight, no amount of dieting or exercise seemed to help, all I could do was take diet pills with ephedra and that helped me drop some weight temporarily. I never liked the way it felt when I took those pills but desperate as I was to lose weight I was willing to try anything.  It's sad how sick I've been the past 10 years and even more sad the things we women will do to drop a pound. When all we have to do is give our body the one thing it craves most, iodine. I used to be addicted to sweets too, couldn't understand it just knew I had to get my sugar fix. Now looking back I can see that it too was my body's cry for help. My thyroid was starved and my adrenals were too, the weight gain, irregular period, insatiable appetite for sweets, were all my body's way of telling me what it needed. Too bad I hadn't realized then that a symptom is not something to be dreaded but excited about. Think about it, without symptoms we'd have no idea if something was wrong with our body or how to fix it, we'd be walking along one day and the next we'd be dead. But with a symptom we get a little warning sign, sorta like the check engine light on your car, you may not know what's wrong but at least you know something is. The other beautiful thing about a symptom is that you can test the treatment, if the symptom goes away and does not return you found your cure, and if it comes back you test it again. Weight gain is a symptom, even the cravings you have are symptoms, based on the craving you can deduce what you body is really asking for. Like when I was craving sweets my body is telling me my adrenal glands are starving and running out of steam, I'd better give it a pick me up or I'm gonna be spending my day totally wiped out. 

         Everything you read and hear tells you that the only way to be healthy is to exercise, now I don't discount it but I do seriously question the way we Americans exercise so strenuously. If for example, you looked at Japanese who consume high amounts of iodine and are of the healthiest people in the world, when do you see them exercise? I mean aside from the old couple out on their morning walk? Americans are the only people who make exercise a part of their life just to stay fit or "healthy", nowhere else do you see people exercise so strenuously just to lose weight. So I ask the question, aside from our daily out and about walking, is exercise necessary to lose weight or be healthy? My husband and I actually had a disagreement about this the other night, I told him that I thought I was starting to lose the weight on my belly and it was going slower than usual, he then suggested I do some sit ups or crunches to lose the tummy flab. I told him I disagreed and believed that my body merely needs to have more iodine and it will begin speeding up my metabolism thereby helping me shed more pounds... He proceeded to tell me he was not talking about just being skinny but being healthy as well and that I would need to exercise for that, I again countered and he bet that I could not make it up two flights of steps without being winded... Funny thing is just a few days prior to this conversation I had been at Knott's and ran up a couple flights of steps and was surprised that I didnt have farther to go. I had walked up those same steps about 3 months prior to that and had to stop and breathe before continuing! So that alone should tell you something, at least it tells me that I'm getting healthy without exercise. I have more stamina and energy than I have before and the only thing that's changed is the addition of supplements.

 Read about my weightloss here.

I'm not the only one losing weight on Iodoral


           My mother and I started taking supplements at the same time, I was losing weight and she wasn't. I wondered what was the difference. I noticed that if I drink more juice during the day than water, I don't lose any weight. But, when I only have a glass of juice and drink water every other time, I do lose weight... well my mom was drinking 4 or more cups of tea (we LOVE our tea), so I recommended she cut back to see if she could lose any weight then. She cut back to two cups a day and lost a pound after a couple days, that got her motivated, she still loved her tea so she cut back to just one cup a day and started dropping a couple pounds every few days! We are now much more careful about how much sugar we add to our diet so that we can ensure we continue dropping these unwanted pounds. So far my mom has lost 15 pounds and it's been about 3 and a half weeks, can you say AWESOME!?

 **Update** (4-10-09)

My mother has now lost 20 pounds and I have lost 60, we moved from CA to OH and have had trouble taking our supplements regularly, we are now back on track and expect to see more weightloss.

A couple other friends started their supplementation about 2 months ago and each has lost 10 pounds! Kathryn is now running 2-4 miles a day! And she used to hate it! She has also seen improvements in other areas of her health as well, you can read all about it here.


            Dr. Jorge D. Flechas states, “We have received many comments over the last two years. Following iodine supplementation, patients have described vivid dreams, dissipated depression, no more cold extremities, more energy and less fatigue. Patients have noticed an overall feeling of well-being. Patients have noticed a loss of weight. One patient after taking four pills of iodine lost eight pounds of fluid weight in 24 hours. We have had patients note better bowel function. Patients who have been constipated for over ten years have now noted daily bowel movements. We have also had patients noted relief from leg cramps at night.

 There is even a site with instructions on how to lose weight using Iodoral. You can find it at


I hope to be able to add more weight loss success stories to the list, if you wanna try it check out the store to order some supplements and join the experiment!

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